Consistance is key and being able to withstand the wits of time in the public eye is very rare. So often you hear about a company that may have made headlines but then you never hear from them again or an inventor who may have created this new technology but then the trend dies off fast. It doesn’t matter what industry or position you are in, the key is to stay relevant with the times. Todays news is the new tomorrow. What I mean by that is you always want to be five steps ahead and actually be intune with whats going on in the world and the world wants to hear what your input are on relevant topics.

I love this quote by David Ogilvy, he says “If you want to be interesting, be interested.” Be involved in the community online and don’t be afraid as a business owner to speak on sensitive topics. People really do want to hear from CEOs, founders, co-founders and owners of successful corporations. You want to stay consistent, don’t post for a few days and then no one hears from you in a couple of weeks.

As a Senior Marketing Strategist and Founder of Enhanced Group One, I guide my clients to not follow the traditional model that says, “As a business person you have to be conservative for the brand of the business.” I somewhat do agree with this because like at Uber who spoke out saying that they support Trump after winning the election, is now getting a lot of backlash and now people are boycotting uber and telling people to not support the corportation. So in this regard, I do agree that you do have to be careful in protecting the brand of the company and you don’t want to be too extreme with your views if those view points can potientially lose you sponsorship, support of your community, and overall money. But what I am saying is that you have to speak up of whats trending in the minds of the masses with a more positive approach.

Richard Branson the entrepreneur once said that, “A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.” This statement is very true. You have to be involved as a business owner. I understand you don’t have the time, so either find the time or have one of your manager or VPs talk on behalf of the company’s brand or hire someone like me (Christopher Spruill). Get involved in the blogs, social media and the discussions today don’t wait do it now because your business depends on it!