With the rapid growth of the internet and most recently social media, so quickly people are moving away from email to communicate with others. With the millenniums who have grown up in the social media age, email is very unfamiliar and is only created to have accounts to apps online and other signups online. But in the business world emails are very important and still a vital part in business.

Alot of businesses are running to social media and search engines like Google and Bing for marketing and advertisement but are missing out on the importance of what email marketing can do for their business. Email marketing is best used when intertwine and work in conjuntion with other marketing platforms. For example, if you are using Facebook for marketing to drive traffic to your website for users to sign up a good way to keep interested users engaged are to send updates through email marketing. David Newan once said, “Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuables, personal touches – at scale.”

Anyone that tells you that email marketing is a thing of the past doesn’t understand marketing and you should question their credibility. Email marketing is good for new clients, current clients and even previous clients. New clients that may want to sign up for a Newsletter to recieve information from your company on a weekly basis now makes your company more credibile and keeps you in the forefront of the new customers mind. Clients that are currently paying for your services and products can be added to a list created by you in a campaign to send out 30% off next purchases or refferral incintives for clients to refer friends, family and collegues.

Email marketing are even best for previous clients that has experienced your services and products before. By marketing to these previous clients you can make their customer lifespan longer and even upsale on other services that they may have not known that your company offered. With email marketing you are even able to offer discount codes that may not be available on your website. With email marketing you want to be sure not to be spammy by sending too many emails in a week depending on your industry. But the rules for email marketing is usually to send something out once a week at the least. Remember if you are not using email marketing for your business you must reconsider and start as soon as possible.