So often i hear so called successful people so that they made it on their own. You may have created the vision on your own but i can promise you that you cannot excute the vision on your own with out an awsome team behind you. So regular, business owners take over their managers job or managers take over the reps job instead of giving them trust that they can do the job right. I call this disorderly function micro-management, which i truly dispised.

I believe that if you have to micro manage someone you don’t need that person working for your organization. Now if as a business owner you see a decline in sales then most definitely you might have to step in and fix the issue. But even that you shouldn’t have to do the work yourself if you hired someone to fill that position. I don’t believe in doing business that way. Doing business in that type of fashion only leads to the business running you over the you running the business. In order to have a successful business and to be at a high level of running a businss you have to have a level of blind trust.


But you don’t have to have blind trust so to say. The reason why you do strategic interviews is to make sure you are hiring the right people within your organization. Also as your business grows you should have whats called a chain of demand. The chain of demand allows the business to have layers and also allows everybody to do their job at a highly efficient level. I hate to give up on people but even hate more in losing business. Don’t give up on good people understand the market continue to motivate your team or managers to come up with more creative ways to keep the engine going. Even a nice luxury car need fine tuning every 3 months or so so does your business.

Even the late Steve Jobs recognized that “Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.” Look at business as a football team that has made it to the superbowl or the nba team that has made it to the nba finals. Both of these sports leagues have a great owner, offensive coach, defensive coach Head coach, great players and even a great team leader, business is exactly the same. Don’t give up on your key players but if in need for major help you may need to recontruct by adding some new marketing plays or adding new players with great resumes.